Introducing Aromatic: A pydantic based asynchronous ODM for ArangoDB

Programming Jun 3, 2021

Aromatic has been my brainchild for long. A Pydantic based asynchronous ODM or OGM (Object Graph Model) that lets you save your objects directly to ArangoDB. Access Graphs and everything.

Why ArangoDB?

Well, why not? a SQLAlchemy layer exists and it's not enough. So, I'm writing my own. It will help me understand python, arangodb and pydantic better and we do need a pydantic compatible layer if we are to push pydantic into the python world.

Why write a library?

I believe writing a library is good for my career, it gives me a sense of agency and some authority over a project. I want aromatic to catch up in the python community and do better. Feel free to reach out and submit your PRs.


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