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December 20, 2017 / / animal rights

We all remember, as a child, We had great care for animals. I once fought to keep a kitten, and then a dog. My parents said they were dirty animals. I would respond, but I love them. That soon turned into a battle and endless agony for animal lovers as “dirty” grasslands turned into “clean” buildings. And we slowly, but surely lost humanity, and headed towards our own extinction – and most other species.

December 2, 2017 / / internet

Spotify is a wonderful music streaming app! That’s for sure, at the same time, It is not yet available to India and Spotify’s alternatives viz. Saavn, Wynk and Gaana has nowhere near the recommendation engine of Spotify! Sure, I use Saavn quite a lot. But ever since I started using Spotify, my Saavn usage has seen a sharp decline!

December 1, 2017 / / computers explained

In less than a century, computers have made a significant jump in performance, reliability, affordability and adoption! If we can attribute a single innovation for this, it would’ve been the invention of transistors. But a transistor is a simple electronic device. It can’t do much alone. But a few transistors can make up a Logic Gate! And all our computers depend on Logic Gates for most, if not all of the computation that it performs.

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November 21, 2017 / / internet

Firefox has always been my favorite browser. Its rich choice of add-ons (native), its stringent privacy policies and its strict stands for an open web have always been the reason I used it. But it was slow. Not very slow, but slow nevertheless. But the new Quantum engine aims to change that! I’ve used since day 1 and only one thing I can say, it’s fast! Man, it’s fast!

November 11, 2017 / / programming

For centuries, people have fought over a simple question ! Do we really need Mathematics for Programming? Okay, maybe not centuries, but decades! (since computers didn’t exist centuries back). And let’s face it: Yes!¬†But you don’t have to be Richard Feynman to Program! (though it certainly helps)

November 8, 2017 / / computers explained

I know this is kind of counterintuitive that I am skipping from Binary to Computer Hardware, without giving much of an insight into binary, but that would be boring if I did that and I’m not writing a textbook for God’s sake. Instead, I want you to understand computers. So, let’s get into the some basic hardware.

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