Spotify from India without VPN GUIDE! [Windows/Mac/Linux/Android]

Spotify is a wonderful music streaming app! That’s for sure, at the same time, It is not yet available to India and Spotify’s alternatives viz. Saavn, Wynk and Gaana has nowhere near the recommendation engine of Spotify! Sure, I use Saavn quite a lot. But ever since I started using Spotify, my Saavn usage has seen a sharp decline!

Why Spotify from India? Why Not Saavn?

  1. Buggy web Interface for desktop usage, as soon as you start playing, problems start popping up!
  2. In Android, if you happen to use a Redmi phone (i haven’t checked in others), as soon as you lock the screen, sometimes, the next song wouldn’t play.
  3. Their playlists are subpar and mostly take cues from Spotify and worsens in a bit.
  4. Their radio is not powerful. You don’t have any control over what should they play even in Genre radio!
  5. They don’t have Mac/Linux desktop client.
  6. They can’t sync devices. You can’t get up from your laptop and keep listening the same song on your phone!

Is this illegal?

As far as I know, neither India nor United States of America bars the use of VPN or Proxies. It’s just they don’t want Indians to listen directly. Because to do that, they has to register their business in India and go through a huge hassle to add songs from Indian studios, many of which are in Pakistan and this subcontinent isn’t really advertiser friendly. Advertisers don’t generally benefit from India a lot, (Proof: Google AdSense India vs. US rates), also Indians don’t subscribe to paid services much.

That being said, They haven’t put strict regulations to block Indian users. Due to my technical background, I know filtering users by IP isn’t hard. And with just slight tweaking, even without a VPN I could reach the US Spotify Website! Which means they don’t want the hassle of coming to India. But they don’t generally block indian customers as hard as possible.

Is this illegal? I don’t know. No one has ever been evicted! But at the same time, moderation is everything. Don’t add significant load to their servers and we all will be fine!


  1. Go to US Website From a laptop/desktop [use desktop mode in mobile]
    Spotify US Site
  2. Create a FREE Account.
    Spotify Register
  3. Now
    [FOR PC] Download the Desktop client from Spotify Website (follow the link).
    Download Spotify page
    [FOR ANDROID] Search Google for Spotify APK and install it (Do get an antivirus check)
  4. IMPORTANT. Play a song using the WEB PLAYER.
  5. Sign in to your desktop/mobile application and start using!
  6. ENJOY!!

Spotify Stopped working saying country not supported

Sometimes the app will say country not supported. Just log out from the application, then go to US website. Play a song from the Web Player and then sign back in! it will start working again.

Thank you! Do let me know in the comments if you have any problems.

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