I am Sohan, I choose to believe
I am Sohan and I choose to believe

Hi There! I am Sohan Basak – quite a boring person. I eat, sleep, code and repeat. The primary purpose of opening this blog is to look cool and pretentious share my experiences with the world.

I tried to fit in many places, I tried to collaborate with some people and opened a Youtube channel called Creatilia but while it gained some momentum, it still lacked the finesse I expected. I tried to do cinematography, I did gain momentum, but I don’t think cinematography (specially editing) is my cup of tea. While I’ll continue cinematography, but I’ll mostly work as a writer, and a programmer.

From my experience what I understand is that I can’t work with random people. As an introvert, I have to work with very specific people who share the same view. It’s not about disagreements, but rather sharing a view. I also have previously blogged with others, but never had any satisfaction because again, I couldn’t project the image I wanted.


You can call me selfish but I have a view, which I want to express. Maybe you’d enjoy reading them. I will share technology and programming related content, Science based topics, posts on environment, personal experiences and bla bla. Is someone even reading this far? Guess not. Let me put a wide image to make it look cool. oh, and I’ll be pasting a quote too.

An image bears a thousand words, You probably know my intentions right? I am an environmentalist, I am trying to protect the world from apocalypse and I am trying to contribute my two paise (why should cents have all the fun?) in this issue.

Also, I develop webpages, So, if you need one, you can try to contact me, others say, I am quite good at developing web pages. I won’t say much here. My blog should bear some limelight into that topic. (Sorry for the shameless advertisement, and why should I be ashamed? My freaking site, my advertisement :v )

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