Firefox is surprisingly awesome and you should switch now

General Jun 7, 2020

I used to be a hardcore Google Chrome user, being a developer, it is the best browser one could have. I used to lobby for Google Chrome, used to install on my friends' laptops and others back in the day when everyone used Internet Explorer. I really did my fair share of marketing for Chrome.

Then I crossed my student life and entered a professional career as a Full Stack Web Developer. In most companies, we love chrome and do mostly provide Firefox and Safari (the new IE) support. But mostly we don't provide support for other browsers.

I always knew Chrome does tracking. But the extent was not known to me. I mostly thought Facebook was the company that effed with our privacy the most. But as soon as I found out about the Class action lawsuit against chrome, I got scared.

Google maintains your "profile" even when in incognito mode. Yes, it does say websites can still track you but I always thought it tries its absolute best to minimize that.

How can I be so wrong? Chrome still tracks everything and assigns it to your "profile" even in incognito mode. I mostly did a lot of research on incognito mode mostly not to see a lot of ads the next day. I do not want that information to be available to advertisers. I do not want some random advertiser know that I search for battery banks because my friend asked me to suggest one.

Soon as I read that up, I thought, let's see what Firefox is up to. I opened Firefox and Surprise! It's amazing!

It's not just more efficient and more private than Chrome. It's actually a lot faster.

I might not have the fastest Internet speeds. But I have a connection speed over 200Mbps consistently and thus, I do not find the internet speed to be a bottleneck at all.

Why is Firefox better for you?

Because it blocks all targeted ads and trackers, fingerprinters and many more.

I have additionally installed uBlock Origin (or AdBlock Plus). Firefox also lets you know when visiting a site if that site had any known data breaches. And if you already are a member, it tells you if your credentials were compromised or not. My creds, apparently, were breached in four different breaches. I also have installed a script that blocks adblock detectors.

Firefox also has a picture-in-picture mode where you can have a small window on ANY VIDEO on ANY SITE. You can minimize firefox and the video will play.

Firefox is faster, smoother and consumes less memory

Firefox is being rewritten in Rust, a thread and memory safe Programming language. It is also being adopted by microsoft because most of microsoft's viruses also exploit memory leaks.

In my experience, Chrome honestly feels more laggy than Firefox. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I am not loading all those crappy ad tracking code on every other website. But it loads faster and stays faster.

Firefox let's you control autoplay and doesn't autoplay media by default.

Have you ever opened an article in office and it autoplays media? Firefox doesn't do that. Because it knows how embarrasing it gets, especially when the video has nothing to do with the content. I could just autoplay a porn in this site itself and you would be pretty embarassed.

As a developer, test Firefox first.

Most of the times, when you are pushing CSS and JS to its limits, you should always test on Firefox first.

More often that not, Firefox will have a stricter adherence to standards, while Google Chrome will make your life easier by doing things you didn't program and making smart assumptions. While that is great, it means that your UI might be broken in other browsers.

In my personal experience. If your UI looks good on firefox, you need less tweaking to get it right on other browsers.

Use duckduckgo as your search engine.

Well, if you just don't want google to dominate your life. use DDG. I just love DuckDuckGo, if you're a developer, and are looking for python, DDG will not show you a reptile or an amazing television series.

Definitions and wikipedia links also come easier on DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo doesn't profile and sell your information.


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